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All ads that are submitted are manually approved.

No Virus, Malware, or any other coding or scripting that will infect members computers
No Adult Content (Gambling, Sex, Dating or anything else with an age limit)
No Cyclers, Investment Autosurfs or Hyips (Hyip = Any site that offers a % daily,weekly,monthly on investment)
No Prompts to download files
No Illegal Content (anything illegal in the USA) including Pirated Software
No Revenue Share Sites (RevShare)
No Cash Gifting Sites (AKA Member to Member payments or 100% commission.)
No PTC Sites That Offer Rented Referrals (This is illegal, and most likey a bot you are renting)
No matrix sites
No bitly, tinyurl, adfly, google, tiny.cc, or any other simular url shortener.
(These are often used to spread Virus's and Malware.)

*If you violate the terms above and submit a site that breaks these terms
they will be deleted and there are no refunds.

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